A collective voice for literature and languages in Scotland


Annual Literature Day 2017

LAS is currently developing the concept for this special annual event that will listen, celebrate and promote Scotland’s literature and languages at home and abroad. The day will launch in 2017 and further information will be shared in due course.


Find a Scottish Book Festival

A regularly updated list of Scotland’s book and literary festivals taking place across the length and breadth of this reading nation.


LAS Summit on the International Promotion of Literature & Books – November 2016

LAS hosted a Summit to bring together – for the first time – all those agencies which, in various ways, help to promote the literature and languages of Scotland overseas, with a view to developing a cohesive approach.

It was designed as a first step, to gauge the level of support for an increased presence for literature on the international stage and assessed likely partnerships and a shared sense of responsibility for taking this issue forward in a practical manner.

The event responded directly to Recommendation 31 of Creative Scotland’s Literature and Publishing Sector Review (2015). Click the heading for more information.


Development meeting for the International Promotion of Literature & Books – January 2017

Following consensus at the International Literature Summit in November 2016 for a joint service between organisations for overseas promotion, the meeting aimed to work out the detail with a practical, pragmatic and focused universal approach. Click on the heading for more information.