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Professional Development

We commissioned our LAS Members’ Skills Survey in December 2016 with the aim of building a clear picture of our combined expertise and resource. The survey was launched on 20 February 2017 and completed by 100% of the membership

Read the LAS Members’ Skills Survey Executive Summary

Members can log in to read the full report via the Member Information Portal page

We used the results to develop our Professional Development Strategy, which identifies opportunities for training, collaboration and networking based on evidenced need.

As part of Phase One, we are organising overview ‘taster’ sessions of the following four strands identified most in demand by the membership:

  1. International promotion and market development (Thursday 23 November 2017 2.30-4pm)
  2. ‘Show Me The Money’ – developing creative funding solutions – Tuesday 27 March 2018 11am-1pm 
  3. Strengthening links with formal education – March/ April 2018 tbc
  4. Promotion and marketing  – covered in International promotion and market development above.

The taster sessions will be delivered by an independent trainer who would touch on all the components within each area. Attendees will then complete a feedback form via Survey Monkey to identify 1) the specific skills on which they would like focused training and 2) their own personal knowledge level – basic, intermediate or advanced.

Thereafter, a professional development programme will be created from these responses tailored to need and skill level.