A collective voice for literature and languages in Scotland

What We Do

The Creative Scotland review of the Literature and Publishing Sector in Scotland was published on 9 July 2015. Its findings and recommendations were discussed at a Literature and Publishing summit event at The Lighthouse, Glasgow, on 30 July 2015. LAS gave a presentation on its reshaped organisation and its aims at the Glasgow meeting. LAS has listened to the views expressed at the meeting and elsewhere and will reflect the main priorities for action in its future plan of activities and campaigns for the period 2016-2018.

LAS will implement its plans mainly through four Steering Groups:

Advocacy and Communications (Lead: Ali Bowden)

Partnerships and International Developments (Lead: Marion Sinclair)

Events (leads of task and finish groups assigned per event)

Professional Development (Lead: Rosemary Ward)

Programme of Work 2016-2018

In the period 2016 to 2018, Literature Alliance Scotland will support the aims and priorities of ‘Literature, Nation, 2008-2018’ (below), and those expressed by the literature community in Scotland in the 2016 Literature Review carried out by Creative Scotland.

LAS’s main programme of work for 2016 to 2017 will concentrate on:

  • Advocacy in support of sustaining the school library network, and the role of professional school librarians, across Scotland
  • LAS Summit on the International Promotion of Literature & Books 2016 to bring together all those agencies which, in various ways, help to promote the literature and languages of Scotland overseas, to take the first step in developing a strategic, joined-up approach
  • Annual Literature Day 2017 to listen, celebrate and promote Scotland’s literature and languages at home and abroad
  • Annual website review on the current issues for Scotland’s literature and languages
  • Networking and familiarisation sessions for literature and language organisations in Scotland
  • Expanding membership of LAS to be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible

Literature, Nation 2008-2018

Literature, Nation 2008-2018 set out a ten year vision for Scotland’s literature, allied with language and publishing, at the centre of Scottish society and the roots of its international influence.

It is our conviction that Scotland’s literature is critical to understanding our present, connecting with our past, and imagining Scotland’s future.

Literature, Nation’s overall guiding purposes are to:

  • Place literature at the heart of every community accessible to every citizen
  • Raise the prestige of Scottish literature nationally and internationally
  • Invest in writers and writing as a means to ensure the creativity, wellbeing and prosperity of Scotland
  • Sustain the linguistic diversity of Scotland
  • Position publishing in Scotland to meet the changing needs in the 21st century
  • Fashion a framework and structures to meet the continuing development of literature in Scotland

Download Literature, Nation 2008-2018 from our Resources section.

Literature, Nation 2015-2018

In the period 2015-2018, we will work together to:

  • Listen to the literature community and work constructively for the priorities agreed from the current literature review
  • Speak up for writers and the literature community as a whole and seek to bring influence for improvements
  • Develop partnerships and work collaboratively with others for the advancement of literature
  • Promote openness through quarterly updates and an annual state of literature review through our website
  • Hold an annual Literature Day
  • Build up expertise in literature organisations, for example, by inviting leading-edge speakers to Literature Alliance Scotland meetings
  • Develop our role as a network that can support and promote professional development for the next generation of leaders in the literature community

As an Alliance, we stand for:

  • Advancing literature in every aspect of Scotland’s national life
  • Affirming the role of writers in shaping national and international identities and values
  • Championing the right of all Scotland’s citizens to learn about Scottish literature and culture
  • Collaborating with local, national, and international partners
  • Intellectual freedom and freedom of expression
  • Openness in all our activities
  • Inclusivity, equality of opportunity and fulfilment of potential