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LAS Response to NRS Consultation: Scots Language

Literature Alliance Scotland has responded to part of the topic consultation being carried out by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) in preparation for the 2021 census in Scotland. LAS’s response has been made specifically in regard to the question relating to the Scots language, which was first introduced in the 2011 census, and whether this should be continued in the 2021 census. LAS’s online submission has argued that it is vital to continue to monitor the health and progress of Scotland’s two indigenous languages, Scots and Gaelic, and that the census provides the most comprehensive and reliable evidence for Scotland as a whole. LAS also believes that this is a critical period for monitoring and assessing developments in the country’s languages in the light of recent initiatives to encourage and promote them; that the introduction of a question on the Scots language in the 2011 census was a very positive step; and that it is essential that this question is continued in the 2021 and future censuses to provide comprehensive evidence based on citizen responses across the whole of the country.Library outreach visit

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January 20, 2016
LAS Response to NRS Consultation: Scots Language


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