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Literature Forum submission to The Smith Commission

Following the decision to set up The Smith Commission chaired by Lord Smith of Kelvin, the views of the people of Scotland, campaign and community groups, civic society organisations and institutions were sought on the powers which should be devolved to strengthen the Scottish Parliament.

In its submission the Literature Forum for Scotland stressed that literature in all its aspects is vital to Scotland’s educational and cultural future, and urged the Commission to secure the devolution to Scotland of the necessary powers to facilitate needed improvements to the conditions for writers and for literature in Scotland on a par with other similar countries.  Specific proposals included artists’ visas, artists’ exemptions, stronger international control and broadcasting. The emphasis was laid on the Commission securing the necessary enabling powers with any specific proposals for literature to be subsequently discussed and agreed with writers and other artists in Scotland.

The full submission may be read here: Literature Forum for Scotland (Submission to the Smith Commission Scotland October 2014) (1). Comments are welcome to Ann Matheson (a.matheson@tinyworld.co.uk) and Robyn Marsack (rmarsack@spl.org).

December 1, 2014
Literature Forum submission to The Smith Commission


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