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New Review of the Literature and Publishing Sector in Scotland

A review of the Literature and Publishing sector in Scotland was published on Thursday 9 July 2015.

The independent study provides an overview of contemporary literature provision, reflecting the successes and the distinct qualities of Literature and Publishing in Scotland whilst at the same time identifying development needs, future challenges and opportunities which will help inform the future work to best support literature and publishing in Scotland.

The review, commissioned by Creative Scotland, and overseen by a Steering group made up from representatives from the literature and publishing sector, was carried out by Nordicity in association with Drew Wylie Ltd.

This is the largest and most comprehensive review of this sector ever undertaken in Scotland, with findings based on more than 60 individual interviews, a series of open session discussions and more than 1,000 online survey responses.

The Review has produced a broad spread of recommendations aimed at improving the health of literature in Scotland and sustaining the sector as a vibrant and resonant form of cultural expression, and as an important creative industry. It covers a range of areas including individual writers, the publishing industry, developing readers, the sector ecology and the international promotion and development of Scottish writing.

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July 13, 2015
New Review of the Literature and Publishing Sector in Scotland

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  1. Miller Caldwell March 13, 2016 Reply

    My last two books were based in Scotland. The Parrot's Tale is the story of an escaped parrot who toured Scotland and solved problems. The Crazy Psychologist is set in Rousay on Orkney and finally my latest book is the true story of a double agent during WW 2. She was Hilda Campbell from Elgin who married a German doctor in 1910. By 1938 she was widowed and decided to visit her ailing parents in Elgin but the Gestapo gave her instructions to locate Scottish Airbases. She was turned by MI5 and back in Germany the second world war began. This book, in my agents hands, is to be traditionally published by the end of the year and will be a film the following year. I am the Society of Authors in Scotland Events manager.

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