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A Manifesto for Libraries (29 March 2016)

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Literature Alliance Scotland (LAS) strongly supports​ the ‘​Manifesto for Libraries’​​ produced by the Chartered Institute of Library Professionals in Scotland (CILIPS), setting out what it believes the next Scottish Government should do to support libraries.

The Manifesto ​has been produced​ a​s part of the ‘Scotland’s Libraries: Inspiration for the Nation’​ campaign supported by a number of national organisations and high profile authors.

The Manifesto asks candidates, if they are elected, to:

  1. Support and call for the full implementation of the National Strategy for Public Libraries in Scotland, agreed last year with the Scottish Government and COSLA including:

– Taking forward a national reading strategy with libraries at its heart

– Rolling out and sustaining the every child a library member project

– Providing high-speed wifi in all community libraries

– Rolling out a national digital skills programme with shared resources

– Developing local, regional and national partnerships to support employability

2.   Work to ensure that all learners in school and further education have on site access to full-time professional library staff.

3.   Support development of a new national strategy for school libraries which recognises their vital role in supporting pupils’ literacy and research skills.

4.   Work closely with Local Government to ensure that all libraries are fully supported.


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